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Tibetan Yoga

Online Classes- 2021

Online Lu Jong Yoga Classes

Morning Tibetan Yoga

Individual Sessions

  • Start the week taking care of body and mind...
  • Every Wednesday
  • From 7.00 am a 8.00 am (UK time) 
  • Every week 1 hour
  • Pranayama- Stretches - Lu Jong 
  • Single class value: £ 12
  •  Monthly Bonus value: £ 30
  • If you don't have a fixed schedule or you just need your space, take things easy or personalized attention, this is your session
  • To learn to work from the respect and wisdom of your body, from the present moment in which you are
  • If you need to combine training with meditation and relaxation
  • mail to:

Hello my Name Is Silvia. I got to know "Tibetan yoga" in 2014 in Galicia and I have been practicing and training it ever since.

My goal is to introduce "Tibetan Yoga" in the West as part of the Buddhist teachings (Dharma), following the instructions of the teachers of an unbroken lineage and helping others to find greater well-being on a physical, mental and emotional level; recognize the processes that go through our mind, negative emotions, and little by little through different techniques of meditation, breathing and movement, free ourselves from everything that makes us suffer, with a calm and happy mind and a healthy physical body.

In these teachings, as they are based on Buddhist philosophy, we seek compassion towards ourselves first, and towards all sentient beings, trying to generate a mind full of joy and happiness that inspires us to be a better version.

I was certified as a Yoga Instructor by the Yoga Alliance (200h) in 2016 and later with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoché as a Lu Jong teacher - Tibetan Healing Yoga (2018), being Tulku-la my Refuge master, I follow his teachings throughout Europe and have participated in numerous Retreats with him.

Today I work as the E-learning Coordinator of the Jamyang Buddhist Center in London, an FPMT center, founded by Lama Zopa Rinpoché, where I also teach regular Lu Jong classes and continue my studies at Lam Rim with Geshe Tenzin Namdak.

 In 2019 I organized the teachings of the teacher Dzogchen Chaphur Rinpoché, with whom I had the opportunity to meet in 2015 in California. Through the Gyalshen Spain -Galicia- we organize different workshops and teachings in Galicia, with the intention that they reach the greatest number of people possible.

Who can practice?


  Lu Jong, also known as Tibetan healing yoga, is based on the Tantrayana Buddhist tradition and Tibetan medicine.
Lu means body and Jong training or transformation. Lu Jong works by balancing body, mind and emotions in such a way that we recover our well-being and happiness.

    Lu Jong works simultaneously with the body, mind and energy. We balance the elements and humors — the foundation of the physical body. We transform our negative emotions and invigorate the subtle body system of channels and winds-energy. The result is an effective and systematic practice that improves our well-being in all dimensions.

  When we do Lu Jong, we combine form, movement and breath. This combination, along with mindfulness, completely unites the body and mind. We use form and movement to repeatedly apply pressure to specific points in the channels, massaging until the locks open. We gently work the spine, creating space around the vertebrae and touching secret points to release emotional blocks. We nourish the joints, releasing the blockages, which would otherwise manifest the disease. And using the breath and awareness we generate inner calm, a true meditation in movement.



  In the West we know that we have to take care of the physical body, but we do not fully understand that the health of the physical body depends on the health of the subtle body. We have 72,000 channels in the subtle body and every day we lose some. They become brittle, twisted and blocked, and this is the process of aging. Due to our ignorance, we break even more channels through bad behavior and the wrong movements or diet. This not only negatively affects our body systems, our overall health, and energy levels, but it also negatively affects our mind. When the channels are blocked, the wind-energy does not flow. And when the wind-energy does not flow, the mind does not flow. We remain trapped in habitual thought patterns, narrow-mindedness, and lack of concentration. Therefore, practicing Lu Jong not only improves physical health, but also cultivates calm, concentration, and joy. This is a spiritual practice.


  Lu Jong's movements originated from ancient Tibetan teachings. However, this practice is uniquely connected to Tulku Lobsang. From an early age he studied with many teachers in Tibet, learning these healing movements from all lineages. He compiled them into clear and concise practice, and modified them to make them more accessible to poorly trained Western bodies. The result is not without depth. Lu Jong can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities and the benefits are felt immediately. Continual practice can really change your life.

- text provided by the NMI -

About Tulku Lobsang

Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

  The venerable Tulku Lobsang Rinpoché is an important and precious Buddhist teacher. He bases his teachings on ancient tantric knowledge that has been the foundation of Tibetan Buddhism, medicine, astrology, and many popular healing techniques. Having a deep knowledge of these matters, Rinpoché now presents to the world the wisdom of his venerable lineage, integrating several disciplines into one, as they were originally.

  In general, Tulku Lobsang received Gelugpa teachings, but also studied the Bön, the secret traditions of the Kalachakra Jonang, as well as Mahamudra traditions. Therefore, he received general teachings from all the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. He today he is still a practitioner of all traditions.

  Tulku Lobsang had many teachers, but the main ones were Geshe Samten of the Amchok monastery in eastern Tibet in philosophy; Geshe Jamyang Nyima from Labrang Monastery in medicine and astrology and Geshe Sherub Nyima from Bon Nangzi Monastery who was his special astrology teacher. As a young man, Geshe Lodrup taught Tulku Lobsang reading, writing and memorizing at the Sowa Monastery. Lama Gungtang gave Tulku Lobsang most of the initiations - such as the Kalachakra and Mitra Gyatsa initiations, which means 100 mandala initiations. He received initiations in medicine - such as Mangnergajama - from Geshe Tsukdruk of the Labrang monastery, who also gave him initiations in flower and water essences and teachings on these. The secret traditions of the Kalachakra Jonang he received from Kembo Narshe and Lama Dorje. The Dzogchen bön traditions were given to her by his uncle Ak Yeshi. The four personal private teachers were also reincarnated lamas - Tulku Narke, Tulku Serchen, Tulku Kaynyang, and Tulku Tsurmon, all from the Amchok monastery. His root lama is Tulku Serchen, who is now 93 years old. Tulku Narke, now in his 75s, was a very close teacher. He always traveled with Tulku Lobsang in Tibet, took care of the details of daily life and supervised his practice. In all, Tulku Lobsang had 35 main teachers, from whom he received specific instructions and initiations.

  Since 2000, Tulku Lobsang has been traveling to foreign countries to give teachings and lectures on medicine, Buddhism, and astrology.

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Tibetan Yoga Classes

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